What UK Beekeepers are doing to Support World Bee Day

Friday 0001 20 May 2022 World Bee Day is celebrated every year on the 20th May. It is a day when beekeepers raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping, and inform the public of beekeeping events where they can learn more about bees! The public can help bees by planting bee friendly plants in their gardens and encouraging their councils to plant wildflower meadows and leave grass verges alone to allow wildflowers to bloom. Here in the UK May is a busy time for beekeepers who are tending their bees and watching them progress into strong colonies and often bringing in a spring honey crop - depending on the weather and forage available. British Beekeeper's Chair Stephen Barnes talks about what he will be doing for World Bee Day https://youtu.be/AUatPnc3aY4 We also have leaflets and information about planting for bees and a Planting for bees quarterly blog available to encourage the public to help support bees by planting more food. Stockport Beekeepers Mellor School...

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First Asian Hornet of 2022 Confirmed

Friday 29 April 2022 The first Asian Hornet of 2022 on the British mainland has been confirmed at Felixstowe in Suffolk. It was found in the shed of a beekeeper who keeps a sentinel apiary ( an apiary set up to monitor for diseases and pests). Here is a photograph of it:  Last year there were 2 Asian Hornet nests found on the mainland at Ascot in Berkshire and Portsmouth in Hampshire in October.  There has only been one other spring sighting of Asian Hornets at Bury in Lancashire in 2018.  Bee inspectors have set up enhanced monitoring in the area and are working to raise awareness with local beekeepers.  Felixstowe is Britain's largest and busiest container port and one of the larges in Europe with links to more than 700 ports around the world, so the NBU says this immediately suggests a possible means by which the hornet could have arrived.  Additional information from Beebase:  April 2022 - A confirmed finding of a single Asian ...

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BBKA News Editor Vacancy

BBKA News Editor Vacancy The BBKA is seeking a new editor for BBKA News. After doing a superb job for thirty years as our editor, Sharon Blake has decided to pass the magazine on to someone else. BBKA News is expected to provide a wide range of content suitable to meet the needs of beekeepers who will have a range of experience. The editor is responsible for the content and production of BBKA News and reports to the BBKA editorial team. We anticipate the editor will be an active and experienced beekeeper with a sound knowledge of beekeeping practice and beekeeping policies. The role involves generating ideas for articles in line with BBKA policy; commissioning and obtaining these in a timely manner according to the publication schedule; liaising with authors and the production team and evaluating the proofs.  The production schedule is set and agreed with the editorial team, printers and distributors and the editor will need to be comfortable working as part of a team. ...

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Phones Down

The phones in the BBKA office are not working due to a powercut caused by building work. We will let you know as soon as normal service resumes.  -ends- 

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Successful BBKA Spring Convention

Despite uncertainties relating to Covid, the 2022 Spring Convention at Harper Adams University in Shropshire (8-10 April) proved popluar with full weekend participants, day visitors and traders alike. In addition to photo opportunities at the 'Hive Entrance', highlights included: The Workshops - participants were particularly eager for the hands-on opportunities they offered! 25 Lectures to choose from, including two virtual talks by lecturers based overseas, all included in the price of full Convention entry, and with no booking required. The BBKA Stand in the Regional Food Academy, where Trustees and staff were on hand to answer questions and sell special editions of BBKA News.  Saturdays extensive Commercial Trade Show.  Information about the BBKA online examination software (Inspera) provided by members of the BBKA Exam Board.  Excellent Harper Adams catering, particularly at the sociable dinners. These culminated in Saturday's auction, which ra...

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