L&DBKA Boot Sale and Picnic - World Bee Day

Bee Boot Sale and Picnic on World Bee Day

Sunday 20th May was declared to be the first World Bee Day by the Slovenian beekeepers. There are many beekeepers in Slovenia and they are concerned that bees survive and thrive throughout the world (see link here).

To celebrate this day, Leiston & District Beekeepers’ Association decided to have a Picnic and Bee Boot Sale. It also provided an opportunity to help those giving up beekeeping to pass on their kit at very reasonable prices to those taking up the craft or wanting to expand. There was a good range of equipment for sale, most of which had gone by the end of the day, and many who attended went home with some excellent bargains.There are a few items left and these will be taken to the Teaching Apiary for sale next Saturday 26th May.

Our thanks go to the organisers, Penny and Linda, and to all that supported this event. The weather was great - not too hot but nice and sunny - and a relaxing time was had by all.


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