Blog: Latest on Asian Hornet - 2019 plan drawn up

Latest on Asian Hornet - AHAT action required Claire Hartry BBKA Trustee Anne Rowberry has attended meetings and had discussions with Nigel Semmence, Contingency Planning & Science Officer, Bee health advice service at the National Bee Unit.  This document is the summary of the protocol that has been agreed. Further information will be posted on the website as it becomes available under Services\Asian Hornet\   Here is the link direct to the web page: As you will read in the document, the BBKA needs all Area Associations to supply contact details to the office of their Asian Hornet Area Co-Ordinator(s) as soon as possible.  We are in the process of creating a map on the website, similar to the swarm map, to facilitate members of the public being able to contact your co-ordinator. We have also put on the website a document prepared by Nigel Semmence which gives ...

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Christmas Video Appeal for Adopt a Beehive

3 December 2018 If you are in Birmingham in December, check out the video billboard appeal about Adopt a Beehive. It's message is that you don't have to be a superhero to help honeybees.  It was put together by final year media students at Winchester University. It's on Oxford Street near the Bullring Shopping Centre.   It will run throughout December.  -ends- 

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9 year old Rosie Edmundson receives BBKA President's Prize 2018

30 November 2018  9 year old Rosie Edmundson was 'over the moon' to receive the British Beekeepers Association President's Prize for 2018 during morning assembly today.  Rosie, who attends Bewdley Primary School in Worcestershire, has been collecting money this year to help honeybees. The President's Prize is given to an individual who has done something special to help bees.  Margaret Murdin, who is the BBKA's President, travelled to her school to present her with a certificate and a shopping voucher that she can use to buy herself something she really wants.  Brownie  Rosie is a keen member of her local Brownie pack and has been very concerned about endangered animals.  Last year she raised £96 to help them but this year she has concentrated on honeybees and raised £85! She has been printing her own T-shirts to sell and helped decorate a duck house with bees in a meadow for a competition she entered.  Her mum, Lynsey, said&...

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Students Start Mapping Exercise to Transform National Apiary at Stoneleigh

23 November 2018  Horticulture students from Pershore College near Evesham have started mapping out plans to transform the National Apiary at the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) headquarters at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. The work is happening because of a very generous legacy left to us by a keen beekeeper. You can read the college news release below:  Local horticulture students are helping transform the apiary at the National Beekeeping Centre in Warwickshire to inspire a new generation of beekeepers – thanks to a Coventry man’s legacy. The BSc Horticulture students from Pershore College, near Evesham, part of WCG, have been tasked with coming up with a new design for the apiary, which is home to some 500,000 honey bees, so that it can be opened up to the local community. The apiary is part of the National Beekeeping Centre established by the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA) at Stoneleigh Park in 1965, and is currently only used for b...

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Jersey has found 52 Asian Hornet nests so far

4th October 2018 The island of Jersey's local Asian Hornet Hunters,  with the assistance of trainee hunters from across the UK,  have found, destroyed or prevented 52 primary and secondary Asian Hornet nests so far this year with almost equal numbers being in trees and buildings.  1.5 million hornets  Nigel Errington, the recently appointed States of Jersey Asian Hornet Co-ordinator, estimates that "thee 52 nests would have produced around 10,400 queens (based on the generally accepted figure of 200 queens produced by each nest).  "Given the high winter mortality of queens and if only 2.5% survived the winter this would have potentially led to Jersey having 260 nests next year.  "Based on 260 nests having an average hornet content, at high season, of 6000 hornets per nest this would mean they could, hypothetically, produce a hornet count over a year of around 1.5 Million hornets! Each hornet starts life as a grub who only eats protein in the form of ...

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