About Us

Leiston Beekeepers are the Branch or grassroots level of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and provide practical advice on all aspects of bee keeping. We are part of the Suffolk Beekeepers Association, the county group which links the members to the BBKA.
Click HERE to read about how the Association was founded (in 1946). 
We are a friendly group of people united by our love of bees and fascination for their complex and wonderful nature. Our aim is to promote and further the practice of beekeeping and to that end we welcome anyone genuinely interested in finding out more. Our senior members have many years' practical experience of keeping bees and are generous with their time and very willing to share their knowledge with people new to the craft. 

Hive inspection


  • We arrange lectures and social gatherings.
  • We take our bees to local shows and country fairs and sell honey.
  • We publish our own newsletter.
  • We have arrangements with several companies for purchasing bee keeping equipment at discounted prices.
  • We have a teaching apiary near Leiston, for all members old and new. It's open every Saturday at 2.30pm from spring to autumn. Newcomers to the craft can get immediate hands-on experience and advice, and learn to handle the bees for themselves.

Events Calendar

December 2017