Mini Honey Show 2015

L&DBKA’s Mini Honey Show and Winter Social

11 December 2015

Runny honey class

We were delighted with the response from our members to the first L&DBKA honey show for many years. And we hope everyone who attended the show and social agreed that it was a worthwhile and enjoyable evening.

We had seven classes in the show and 17 members entered in total. A couple of people put an entry into almost every class and others only entered one class. Altogether it looked great.

We were very happy that Zac Blackmore, from West Suffolk Beekeepers, agreed to come and act as judge for the event. He has had a lot of success as an entrant to honey shows himself, but has never judged before. We were very impressed by his professionalism though, and all picked up a few tips for entering other honey shows in future. We were also impressed by our own Marian Wishart, whose previous career experience enabled her to judge the cookery class.

Thanks to members of the committee we also had a honey/mustard salad dressing tasting challenge, tastings of different honeys from around the world and tastings of local mead and honey beer. The exhibition class ‘Other Hive Products’ contained some fantastic dipped, moulded and rolled beeswax candles and Christmas decorations, and two different beeswax skin balms from one of our members.

There was a slight hiccup with the fish and chips (or should I call that fish without chips) but it got sorted out eventually. Hopefully that didn’t spoil the evening for people.

If you were there, thanks for coming and we hope you will consider representing L&DBKA in at least one honey show in 2016. We very much appreciate your interest and support.

Penny Robertson

  • The runny honey class

    The runny honey class
  • The black jar class

    The black jar class
  • Part of the show bench

    Part of the show bench
  • Penny's moulded ornaments

    Penny's moulded ornaments
  • Peter's dipped candles

    Peter's dipped candles
  • Rachel's skin products

    Rachel's skin products
  • Judging cookery

    Judging cookery
  • Judging the runny honey

    Judging the runny honey
  • Socialising at the Social

    Socialising at the Social