Some published articles and accounts from beekeepers you might be interested to read.


Feeding Honey Bees

Invert Sugar No Better    (NB: quality of text repro not good)

Novel Collection Method for a Swarm April 2014

Click HERE to see how Lesley Dolphin of BBC Radio Suffolk got on when Laurie Wiseman taught her the art of beekeeping.

Managing Small Hive Beetle - article from Beecraft beekeeping magazine's 'Hang Out'

Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus - read this account by a member. Click HERE for a link to DEFRA's Beebase for more information

Pollen Chart - helps you identify the pollen your bees bring in.  With thanks to Sheffield Beekeepers and Bristol Beekeepers (the originators)

Many thanks to Roger Patterson for coming to talk to us a while ago. Click HERE for the link to his website. Roger also maintains one in memory of the late DAVID A CUSHMAN which has a huge amount of advice and resources for beekeepers. And for anyone interested in cooking with honey, Roger has a fantastic collection of delicious recipes of all kinds on HONEY RECIPES.

 One of our members keeps bees in London and has a wonderful website devoted to city beekeeping. Read it HERE.

 And fame for Laurie! Laurie Wiseman has been interviewed by the EADT - read it HERE.


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